Robotron Cocktail Restoration ( 2005-2007 ! )

I bought the cabinet on April 17th 2004.  It had been converted into a Track and Field

It had literally been in a barn for years, ...and had the rodent droppings to prove it !

The cab was in pretty rough shape.

It had a dead monitor

The Control Panels were butchered....

...but the laminate sides were pretty good...

After letting the game sit in my garage for almost a year
(... and with the imminent arrival of baby #2
which would make sure I had no spare time ... ),
I grudgingly sold the cabinet knowing I wouldn't be able to work on it
and I needed to re-claim the parking space in the garage.

I sold it in December 2004 to Alain C., who sold it a month later to Ian "Sparky" Fitzpatrick.

"Sparky" went to town and did great work....

After cleaning out the cab, he rebuilt the CP's from scratch using 3/4" oak

..and bought repro CPO's from Phoenix-Arcade,  and four new red ball sticks

The next step was the coin door  (notice the Player 1 & 2 buttons missing..)

The P1 & P2 buttons had been puttied over

A new decal was made from a web-archived file, a new piece of plexi was cut,    ...and voila !
        BEFORE                                         AFTER

Ian then attacked the boardset.
Since the metal mouting plate was missing,
Sparky built one from scratch using 22-gauge galvanized steel.
(Cost : $40    Results : Priceless ! )

A new Power supply was added and a new wiring harness was built...

...and a brand spankin' new Pentranic monitor was installed

Look at that picture !

.... and then ( we're now in Sept 2006..)  something happened....

Ian was thinking of buying another pin, and was looking to raise some cash,
so he offered-up the Robotron for sale, ... and so I bought it back !

The game was almost completed and only needed some wiring to be done for both CP's
and the coin door.

...of course with the arrival of baby #3 (!)  in March 2007,
 it took another year for me to getting around to doing that, but it's now DONE !!!

I did minor changes to the wiring harness...
(...both players were wired to the P1 contols so BOTH sides could control the play at the same time !  ;-)

I finished the CPs, added  the diagnostics switches

...and here it is !

...quite an improvement over this , no ?

.... and now to "train" the next generation....

.... and now, the kicker ...

As you may have noticed in the last two pictures, since my games room was full,
(...with, among other things, TWO Robotron Uprights !... )
the game had been sitting in our laundry room since I got it back last September (2006).

My wife had been very patient, but the deal was that all games
were to be kept in the games room only. With the games room full,
(and no other games going anytime soon), the cocktail "had" to go...

Since I was NOT going to part with this cocktail table again (ie. I'm not selling it !!!),
I made arrangments with my brother in-law to keep the game for me at his house.
He's got 3 kids too ( 7, 10 & 12 yrs old ) so they think it's the coolest thing.
Thankfully, they live locally so I can see the game whenever I want ...

So a mere two days after I finally got everything working....
I had to truck it away...   snif...

Final thoughts...

My wife did say that when our kids are older  (ie. 6 & up, .... in 2013 ! )
and we get rid of all their "baby" toys, I can bring the game back in the basement
where the kids will then really enjoy it.

When that happens, I'll "really" finish the restoration by replacing the glass,
replacing the Micro-switch joysticks with genuine Wico Leaf sticks,
repainting the cab, and shining-up the metal parts.

But for now..  it's done... !

September 2007